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I think I want to use this journal for knitting stuff. I think that'll be good. I may throw in some other stuff once in a while, but I think, for now, knitting is where it's at.

So, with that, here are some things I've knitted (semi-)recently.

Nothin' but knit.

Actually, that's a lie, because I'm going to include something crocheted first off.

Crocheted badger on a Hufflepuff scarf

See, for my online Hogwarts school, we have Quidditch, as well as cheerleaders. I used to play Quidditch, and then I became a cheerleader (and now I'm playing Quidditch again. Oy). The Hufflepuff cheerleaders have special cheer names, and the one I picked for myself was "Hand-KnitBadger." Yes, I know this is crocheted, but it was the first pattern I found, and it was pretty quick to work, and he's so adorable, even if he hasn't any eyes. And no worries; I've got a knitted badger pattern to work, just have to make it.

Toe-up socks

First pair of toe-up socks I've made, which admittedly turned out much better than the first pair of socks ever I made. They turned out okay, I think, even though I think I didn't wrap the short rows quite right. They still work. And fit. And don't look too shabby.

Nantucket basket

My first felted project. You can see it in its pre-felted state here. I still haven't figured out how to make the handle less floppy, but I haven't actually tried yet. Or even looked. Oh, and I really liked how the base looked, pre-felting.

Beyond that, I've got a pair of striped socks for a friend that are nearly finished, an original flavor Harry Potter scarf for another friend that's a few blocks in, and the more modern flavor Harry Potter scarf for a third friend that's not actually on the needles yet, but will be soon, I think. And I'm thinking of creating a knitting class for HOL, so there's all of that, too, on top of another two or three projects I want to make soonish.

So, you know, lots of knitting ahead.

Date: 2009-05-12 07:13 pm (UTC)
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Love the felted bag! What kind of yarn did you use in the toe-up socks?

You're making me feel bad for neglecting my knitting lately. I have a sweater that simply needs to have the arms extended and it will be finished, but I haven't touched it in months. Maybe I get bonus points for at least playing with some yarn recently, to figure out gauge and potential project ideas? lol

*nods* HOL knitting class... I've been trying to figure out how that could be done, too. If you create it, I'll be there. :D


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