Sep. 16th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Um... hi.

Yeah, I've completely neglected this knitting blog. Very sad and pathetic. But, I have been knitting, so it's not too bad. If that makes sense.

Since nearly a year ago, I've had a set of circular needles destroyed by a cute-but-occasionally-attention-seeking dog. Not the most exciting thing ever, but it's enough. It means that I haven't finished the socks I was making on them. I mean, yes, I could use my DPNs, but when I was working on the first sock, I thought it worked really well on two circs, and that using DPNs would kind of stink. Once I have a spare ten bucks, maybe I'll order new ones.

I've also knit some... random objects. For instance, I made some sausagey intestines and a heart for one scene in my brother's first ever musical. I also made a knitted pineapple from scratch, for no real reason except it seemed like a good idea at the time. I've been working on a gift scarf for someone, which is fun, but it's sort of mindless, boring knitting that I'm not always in the mood for. I also made another Jayne hat for someone, which was a whole other thing. Good times.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about basic knitting techniques for my HOL knitting class. It's not a big class, which is probably better in the long run. Plus, I know there were a number of folks who were interested in taking it, but they wanted to take other classes more. With any luck, I'll teach the class in the spring, too, so people can take it then. Also, I should have the entire class site finished by then, too. ;)

Recently, a lot of my knitting energy has been focused on trying to recreate this hat (seen here in much of its full glory):

Wilf's hat
(Click to enbiggen.)

I love Wilf, and that's a pretty fab hat generally anyway. I've made what I'm calling a "proof of concept" hat, which shows me that I've got the design pretty well worked out. It's completely wearable and fine, but I still have more tweaking to do to make it more photo-accurate. But I think it's gonna work, and I'm very excited about. Having a Wilf-hat this winter will be awesome.

Oh, and I've been experimenting a bit with combined knitting, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] djinnj's "how I knit" video on YouTube. I'm most comfortable knitting English; I always have trouble finding a comfortable way to hold the working yarn when I knit continental. But, [livejournal.com profile] djinnj's method seems to work fairly well with my hands. Actually, in my proof of concept Wilf hat, I knit the ribbed section this way, and I rather like it, even if it means having to purl through the back loop.

So, that's basically what I've been up to lately. I hoping to update here more, because I really do enjoy the knitting and the talking about it. See you... soon? Maybe? I hope?
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