Sep. 24th, 2009

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I originally posted this over at [ profile] babylon5_love, but since this is my long-neglected knitting blog, I thought it should come here, too. Since it is the first thing I've "designed."

Why the quotation marks? Because socks are kind of already designed; I just came up with a bit of a stitch pattern for it. But I don't care, 'cause it's mine, all mine!

Anyway, here it is.

Okay, so it's my day, and I'm posting a bit later than I wanted, but... that's okay. I've got something that, while it might not be something for everyone, it's a first for me, and it was fun. Anyway.

I love knitting. I began knitting because of fandom (Hogwarts scarves FTW!), but one of my most beloved fandoms — this one — doesn't lend itself to a lot of straightforward knitting patterns. There are no iconic scarves or hats or jumpers or wacky socks. To knit something B5-related, I'd have to think outside the box a bit. But only a bit. For now....

So, I hereby present...

EarthForce Socks

"'I'm gonna live forever. You know why? 'Cause I never leave the barracks unless I know I've got something to do when I get back. The only kind of man who gets killed is the man who is done doin' whatever it is he's doin'. And I know I'm gonna come back alive 'cause I got socks to wash.'

"We all took a vow that, for as long as we were in uniform, we would wash our own socks every morning."

Season 5, Episode 1: "No Compromises"

It seemed obvious that the first B5 knitted thing I should make should be knitted socks, because those can be made to be hand wash only. And because, well, it's about the only knitted thing I could possibly make!

So, I thought about what an EarthForce sock might look like, pattern-wise, and went from there. The final design is, I think, a subtle and rather believable design, if a military organization decided to have something other than plain, generic socks.

I got socks to wash )

To download the pattern as a nice, printable pdf, click here.

Much thanks to my dad (right foot) for modeling with me (left foot).

ETA 2011-12-13: I just realized that I missed the heel instructions, so they're there now.


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