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Not really doing much. I'm trying to keep up with the DW (dw? dW? Dw?) news, from the official communities and whatnot. I don't have a bunch of time to do more exploring for folks to read just yet; maybe next week.

In the meantime, I set up my B5 moodtheme, so yay. It's nice to see those folks here, even if I don't talk about fannish things.

Anyway, 25 minutes until "Dollhouse." Whoo!
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So, I've been here a day, and, while I've not done much more than read, I definitely like the feeling of the place. Everyone seems super friendly and cheerful. Which, truthfully, is what you'd expect in a closed beta, but still. I like the vibe.

I think I may try setting up my B5 mood theme, because, well... it's mine, all mine, and I've been using it for literally years, so I've gotten used to seeing those images. I think I'd like to buy a paid account for a bit, but that's in part because I'm spoiled by my LJ paid account and its fun features, but also because I feel like this is a place I want to support with my money, limited though it may be.

I should probably start looking about for folks to friend/follow/read (I have more new terminology to learn, dag nabbit), but that'll probably happen after this weekend. I've got other stuff to do and can't get distracted more than I already am.

Anyway, that's me in Dreamwidth land. Oh, and that I keep interpreting "DW" as "Doctor Who" instead of "Dreamwidth." Hee.


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